About Us

I Made You is a multibrand platform with products for children aimed at conscious parents.

We are not just another place that wants to convince you to make unnecessary purchases at any cost. Behind the idea of I Made You, there are independent producers from towns and cities across Europe. The vast majority of them are also parents themselves who prioritize the safety of children and the environment by using mainly natural and organic materials.

Ethical production and sustainable development are values that guide us, Ewa, Ola, and Michał, the team behind I Made You, in our daily work.

As the creators of I Made You, we independently search for and collaborate with new brands. However, before partnering with them, we ensure that they meet all the criteria of responsible production and that they provide ethical working standards to their employees and suppliers.

We hope that through I Made You, more families will choose these perhaps smaller but trusted European manufacturers, which will ultimately contribute to a better and more environmentally sustainable future.

Ewa, Ola, and Michał


I Made You

Prezydenta Lecha Kaczyńskiego 20/5

80-373 Gdańsk


email: info@imadeyou.com